There’s A Boredom to Life

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It’s 22:47 on the weekend and as I am writing—I am bored.

You can’t escape it, it’s just fucking there. Like time. Whether you are eating, sleeping or fucking, time is always there isn’t it. I think boredom is just like that.

On weekdays I come home from work, sometimes by 2PM, sometimes by 5, I live alone and I see what you see in the picture above(coming soon). A static hue asking me “now what?”. There’s so much to do and nothing to do at the same time.

There’s gym, jogging, reading, studying for my career growth and then there is sleep.

And a point to note here is none of these things really have any urgency to them, my survival doesn’t depend on them, I not be fired for not having another certification on my resume. Why then would I not choose sleep?

And then be bored having wasted another evening full of potential.


How much money can you really spend in a day?

I and most human beings I know are going to be in financial scarcity for probably ⅓ of their lives. They have to save before they spend.

Financial scarcity is an actual physical block in your way to alleviating boredom, there’s only this high you can jump before gravity pulls you back, yes fuck gravity, I know.

We all want to go out to the nightclub, or to eat some place nice or maybe just have a beer at the beach, get someone to fuck you for some money. How much boredom would all of this take away!

And now comes the but—read the first line of this section.

As a solution most of us do these things only on the weekends, hence the worship of the weekend in the form of TGIF, instead of realizing that the worship is but a slavery. Good luck.

Just 5 things

Jordan Peterson(henceforth JP) has often said in his videos that life—actually is pretty simple, that just do what everyone else is doing and there’s just five things you and everyone else has to do and have to pay attention to;

  1. Career
  2. Controlling your own demons – addiction
  3. Your Family of birth, siblings
  4. “Some” health—don’t eat too bad, get some exercise
  5. Your own family—Marriage and kids

That indeed is fucking simple. And now again the proverbial but, go meet 5 of these people who only get “some” exercise. And the last one on the list is marriage and kids, oh boy..

I think he is assuming some ideal conditions here. Like when the car manufactures sell you a mileage of 200 km/litre fuel capacity, they do not mention these are numbers for their test track.

He leaves out all the situations like when one of you has gained some extra love and affection for rice followed by some chocolate ice cream every night and now is on the way to looking permanently pregnant. And the other one is not really interested in doing the naughty stuff anymore. Something new I’m witnessing lately is the women have no more hobbies and interests left but instagramming food and herself.

And what happens when one wants to go out but the other just wants netflix and chill(like literally)?

Man you will be bored and now you are legally attached to someone bored of you. Good Luck again.

The Fall From Grace

I got this one from JP again, but JP is just the messenger here. This quote is actually by Carl Jung, the greatest psychologist/writer or something of that sort of all time according to JP.

Here’s what he says.

How totally different did the world appear to medieval man! For him the earth was eternally fixed and at rest in the centre of the universe…Men were all children of God under the loving care of the Most High, who prepared them for eternal blessedness; and all knew exactly what they should do and how they should conduct themselves in order to rise from a corruptible world to an incorruptible and joyous existence. Such a life no longer seems real to us, even in our dreams.

— Carl Jung, The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man

Let’s translate this for the modern man today.

How totally different did the world appear to the modern man! For him the earth is but a speck of dust in a vast universe, one that could go out in an explosion the next minute and no one would be around to notice. Men are nothing but rapists, abusers and suppressors of the weak and the women. And if there are any good ones left, they are but destined to spend 9-10 hours staring at a computer screen every day of the week, gaining ugly belly fat and back pain, for a paycheck at the end of the month which they will use on the weekends to drink till they forget they exist, just to relieve the agony of the week. They will never have Bryce Dallas Howard in their bed, nor climb the Machu Pichu or some other cool fucking mountain, nor stand on the great wall of China or do a road trip through America. The ones in third world countries(those Carl Jung is not even thinking about) will probably spend 2-3 hours everyday on a one way trip to work and will be out of money within a week of getting paid. While all of them will witness the amazing life of Justin Bieber, the Canadian born singer, kissed by fame first on YouTube, now a millionaire 20 something who owns a $33 million mansion and probably has equal number of 18yr old blondes “DMing” him their titty pics on Instagram.

If I said I was bored before, I think after writing this paragraph, what I am now should be called boredom 2.0 keeping up with our hi-tech times.

Stimulus Package

In 18th century, you would get up in the morning on a not so good bed, or maybe it wasn’t even called a bed, maybe fucking grass stuffed inside some cloth like in the mountain cartoon show Heidi, but obviously amazing fucking sleep and dreams because how fresh your eyes are since nobody invented HD BACK LIT LED screens yet.

Then you would probably go to the farm and again don’t forget how awesome you think you are as Carl Jung just told us above. Now I am not an expert on farming but I’m sure it must have been pretty hard work, lot of lifting heavy things, digging, walking around.

Then you would come home after that and all you have for some entertainment is other human beings, and if you got a toddler then that’s like having a TV in 18th century, around 200 yrs before it has been invented. Imagine sex then, today with all this free porn, soft porn and Instagram, imagine how low your stimulation threshold is.

Your nervous system is in this pristine condition where a little joke, some time with friends, some conversation around a fire, all soothes you and relaxes you and there’s no expectation from the 4 people you know outside your family in your village to be as entertaining as your twitter feed.

Today you go to a party, a nightclub or the top of Machu Pichu and in 5 mins you are at war with four major social media corporations and WEB 2.0 to keep your friend’s attention as you try to tell him how the fucked up chair at office is giving you back pain.

It has come so far now that the life hacking/productivtiy crowd have come with the idea of switching off color from all their screens to make them all black and white so that their brain loses the allure of the colorful screen which according to them makes you want to crave the screen all the more because it’s so good?

So I think it’s safe to say that you come home from a hard day’s work staring at colorful screens, it is expected that you will be bored to death as your brain just wants to get back on it.

Peace times

In times of peace the war-like man turns on himself.

~ Nietzsche

It’s highly possible I put this section here just so I could use this quote. Also highly possible I only blog because there’s just so much good stuff people have said, and it’s also probably what’s kept me from stabbing myself in the neck.

I’m thinking if you have some perspective at all, if you can do some basic thinking, have read some good books then this quote should automatically make some sense to you. Or scratch that let’s you are dumb as a rock and only speak a caveman English like the people of Gujarat, this still has to speak to you. Your intuition should just jump and paint a picture for you of what the madman is trying to say here. If nothing else then at least the phrase “war-like man” should give you a boner or make you wet or whatever it is for you transgender ones, since I’m being all inclusive —”people-fucking-kind” and all that. Fuck Trudeau.

War-like man tells me that we men are. . war like?, we want to take spears and swords and charge down at an enemy, screaming and yelling like in the battle of marathon after the Persians have just landed on the Greek shores. It means having to chase a wild boar with your buddies in dense forests with no shoes like in Apocalypto. It means wanting to lift 300 kg on your back squatting at the gym when you could be home with a beer and Netflix. It means doing what is necessary with full knowledge that you will end up with weeping muscles and blasted lungs.

And now that we have replaced work with excel, we wonder what is it that is missing. But the madman sees it. He says given these extreme peaceful times where our war like-ness cannot be projected against an incoming enemy nor at the wrath of nature, it has only one thing to focus on—the host and it turns on himself.

And when we lose the war with our own powerful drives to strive, defeat and win, the one true God if there ever was one, we are left with anxiety, boredom and a daily depression.