The Side of Effects of Getting Good at “Game”

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In a world in which every dumb 20 yr old female’s tinder bio has that she’s a sapiosexual, a writer, blogger, co-founder (perhaps having finaaaaly found her clit with the low IQ bad boy she’s fucking?), something equally disturbing is happening to the side with dicks — young men who through embarrassment, rejection and putting in 3 hours of sarging learnt how to get laid.

Yes folks this is the story of the PUA, who eventually became good at it, while at the same time starts sucking at something else like being a decent fucking human being who can have a conversation without giving into his urge to display his new found pussy slaying powers and not sounding like the pussyBuddha who suddenly is fucking half of the town, while also trying to market himself as PUA guru to the newbie PUAs and make a buck.

Here’s an example.

You see, the ability to respond to questions with simple data as in location, time and date is severely impaired and only the PUA positive think philosophy of a long time incel-cursed-with-pussy-famine-and-now-has-new-panty-dropping-powers can’t help but spill out into the conversation.

This would be over right here if it only stopped at that.

The new Jon Duans can’t help but just game and try to manipulate anything that talks to them. After all, the first step of PUA literature is that you practice these skills as fucking much as you can. Granted it was meant to be localized to women, but hey, the “approach” was also indeed focused on just women but then was extended to “just talk to everyone” so why not just expand the skill set and see if you can now just make this vagina-less dude bend over psychologically into doing what you want him to do.

I know, I know you just came here for the examples, you non-abstract thinking ape. Here you go:

See how he just ignores my “resistance” probably making a note to himself about “this is a token resistance, just ignore and plow through” and keep checking for “compliance“. And yep I did comply bitch, not because you got the reins of my psychology firmly in grasp but just because I now see the game you want to play, so I just let you continue for awhile.

In the next one, he just out does himself.

And this superhero is just a recent specimen of the ill effects of getting good at game, there’s others but I have now lost those screenshots.

The usual pattern is always talking in highfalutin game philosophy 24/7, immediate aggression like blocking the guy who disagrees on Whatsapp or removing him from the group, all to prove that our hero needs him much less than the one who dare disagrees with him.

Final Words

All this says something about the dating-fucking dynamics. Maybe such childish behavior on the part of men is what makes the vags wet these days. After all, being a super dick is right there in the game handbook, however that compartmentalization of only using it on women breaks apart somewhere once you start seeing some success. Then the argument becomes why not just use game in every situation, now that “I have super powers, and I have earned them”.

On a second thought, maybe game doesn’t even exist at all. What guys obsesses over as game with all the tricks and techniques, the value and end result of it all is just that it gets them to leave home away from Netflix and PornHUB to a club and forces them to blurt something out in the presence of a “hot 10″. .. and get rejected.

It may not be clearly visible but all the emphasis in PUA literature and mythology actually does force young guys to approach, this then just starts the cycle of “exposing people to what scares them the most makes them stronger” or with more eloquence, Nietzsche put it “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger“. Looks like “game” just compounds these truths and delivers the results and not because you approached at an 30 degree angle, then executed the compliment routine followed by a slight neg, followed by the compliance test based on which you did a takeaway or rewarded her for good behavior, then started the conversation stack.. no one probably remembers most of it, but just that all the mental masturbation on tips and tricks has the first requirement as “thou shalt approach“.

Much like the first amendment to the US constitution keeps the government in check so it never leaps over its bounds and starts fucking things up, the first game pre-req of approaching sets the young incel free to face his deepest fears of long hair, boobs and mascara.

You do this a couple 100 times and suddenly the cognitive dissonance destroys the societal programming of “be friends first”, “go slow with her”, “be nice, be yourself”. The guy just saw that just at the modicum display of balls in the form of a firm handshake, “hi” and eye-contact, the bitch will giggle, give out her number and even make out a little.

So yeah, this is not that difficult as rom-com movies portray in which the guy just keeps acting shy and goofy and the girl sees that “awww, he likes me“. If it was true, it would have happened to him a million times, because that’s who he normally is pretended to be, believing hollywood and pop culture actually had his best interests in mind.

All lies, because the real girl in the real world just showed him that, dropping some confidence is in fact a much faster and the only way to get her to drop her panties.

A little psychological scarring of being in the game mode all the time is a small price to pay.