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Swarajyamag Deletes Comment — The Mouthpiece of A Police State

The following is my comment posted under the article What DeMo And GST Would Lead To In 2019.The comment has been deleted with no warnings whatsoever, below is a copy.The whole issue with modi and his swarajya-rag's thinking was summed up really nice by in one of his demo posts;In the worldview of the Middle Class and the government [...]

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An Indian’s Guide to Empathy

  It seems everything I think and gravitate towards has something to do with my country of birth, India. I have never thought of myself has a "die for your country" patriot, in fact I believe death in all it's forms is so boring and hope that like Kurzweil reports, immortality would be soon be available, I'd even settle for [...]

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Relationship Goals

This is from a meme on fb or twitter or whatsapp etc. The meme generally has drop dead gorgeous heterogenous people—obviously dating, sometimes they add a baby into the mix and the whole thing will just blow your fucking heart out. I mean only if you can look 28, have a six pack, a giant house in which there’s a [...]

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India Needs a New Patriotism

Patriotism needs to be downsized from its current size. It’s damn too big to be defined and even bigger and harder to put into practice. It expects you to love a country a million sq miles wide while the feeling and emotions of patriotism are probably coming from your local expereience of smoking pot at the beach in the night. [...]

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The Cheating Woman

Guys have a weird way of dealing with infidelity. They act like they are the supreme court, trying to figure out every bit and piece in the case and then reach a final verdict as if the entire nation’s future depends on their monogamous relationship working out. When the woman is out they call her repeatedly to ask where, with [...]

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A Pang of Nostalgia and Apprehension

  Chateau writes: Don’t be surprised if a pang of nostalgia and apprehension arrests you. The future of your nation and your people is dying before your eyes in a swirl of solipsism and baby substitutes. I am a big fan of his writing style. And I do feel a pang of nosta lgia and apprehension on looking at this [...]

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