Fiction, Non-Fiction and Superheroes

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Since I moved out of third world India and to this ruled by religion police state, which I call the great Arabia, I have pretty much stopped reading.

Except for PDFs and technical links and emails, I have stopped reading all the things I love. I do get in some reading done on blogs though.

The real reading which took a big hit is books. I remember back when I was reading 5 books in parallel on the Kindle. And I also realize all of them were non-fiction books. If I recall the list was:

  • The Personal MBA
  • Zero to One by Peter Theil
  • Fastlane Millionaire
  • The Story of Civilization by Will Durant
  • Deep Work By Cal Newport

And then last week when reminiscing about those old days of reading I got back home from the evening walk and started looking for something to start reading again and reached The Four Agreements amazon page. And fucking dick balls its got that same marketing fuck about self help and “changing life” and then some about how the marketing jumbo around “self help life changing” is not just a marketing tagline with this great book but actually is true,.. yeah exactly what I mean, fuck you.

At this stage I just think to myself, about all those great sages, prophets who spoke in parables and stories (often also fucking half the village women on the side) always speaking in parables. Of course Jordan Peterson, the Rick from Rick-n-Morty lookalike, equally fast talking rambler (probably always high on some fine weed) rambles on and on about the important of stories and how the bible is just a fucking metaphor for something completely different, he plays a huge role in putting me on this train of thought about fiction vs non-fiction.

As I am on it, Stephen King has been on my mind for some time. Maybe it’s the movie IT. I was also reading his memoir On Writing after reading it on some harassed-at-work(aka someone stepped on her toe alright) at Uber chick’s blog.

I put “stephen king books reddit” because that’s where the best of humans hangout and go through some threads on the recommendations. Nightshift comes up. One good thing about fame now is how easily pirated stuff becomes available for famous people. In no time I have most of his books on my hard drive in .mobi format. Nightshift is on my Kindle in the next 5 mins. Just fucking magic I know.

Coincidences just blow my mind. I get to this book out of almost nowhere and in the preface Stephen fucking king is discussing the same matter about the genres of literature. Of course instead of fiction vs non-fiction, he’s alluding to the normal fiction vs occult/horror fiction — which is mostly things that can never fucking happen, until it does.

Okay, relax. Trucks don’t start themselves and graves don’t open. However, you will get the idea below when you read what he’s talking about.

Back in the 1950s there was a tremendous surge of giant bug movies—Them!, The Beginning of the End, The Deadly Mantis, and so on. Almost without fail, as the movie progressed, we found out that these gigantic, ugly mutants were the results of A-bomb tests in New Mexico or on deserted Pacific atolls (and in the more recent Horror of Party Beach, which might have been subtitled Beach Blanket Armageddon; the culprit was nuclear-reactor waste). Taken together, the big-bug movies form an undeniable pattern, an uneasy gestalt of a whole country’s terror of the new age that the Manhattan Project had rung in.

— In the Preface to Nightshift, Stephen King

Now the horrors of nuclear devastation is not our horror, instead our culture is fucking dominated by calling America names and blaming it for the poverty of the world. There are multiple reasons for this, the quick ones from the top of my head are — we were not taught the main events of history (because no one can agree on what matters anymore), the leftist narrative took over and somewhere the left just dismisses history and doesn’t want to learn from it and hates America, because it proved freedom and capitalism works.

Dan Carlin’s Destroyer of Worlds does the job of making you feel the horror of a mushroom cloud over your city. The estimates during the Cuban missile crisis were that a nuclear war could take out 50-60 million people in the US alone then, I don’t really want to think of the numbers for 2018.

Coming back to the topic, King made an amazing connection between the super occult fiction and reality.

Wonder what he has to say about our times of fucking transformers, avengers and wonder womeens. Fucking disgraces to the word movies. Why are we giving these time wasters $millions. What does it say about 30 yr old men attending comic-cons and looking as if they have been 3 months pregnant since forever?

My working theory is this is about weakness. And to an extent the free market is playing a role in making us all feel weak. Obviously it’s the most amazing system Man created ever which brought us where we are, however the system by design rewards different forms of superpowers — intelligence, conscientiousness, risking your life on this fucking “startup” which has not made you a buck in the last 6 months and now you are looking at selling your car instead of shooting the fucking thing in the head. It is almost like giving yourself radiation therapy without cancer.

When these guys with these superpowers take on the biggest challenges, go broke, get divorced and win in the end, of course the rest of you stand there feeling “what the fuck am I even doing here?. And the fact that you have a daily ritual unloading of your babies into the tissues just makes it worse, because now the dopamine levels are fucked up. So there’s the first thing you can stop doing to help yourself.

Just looking at how our culture talks of Elon Musk, Jobs, Amazon, Google explains where this is going. Anytime we hear anything of mighty greatness happening, the name adds to this list. Natural disasters? We see google crisis response. Big world changing phones? Apple it is. Saving the world with Tesla and taking humans to Mars is SpaceX. Then there are the all time hits who just make it out of nowhere, the justin biebers, selenas, jlaws and taylor swifts. Yeah maybe they spent 15 hours practicing whatever they do since 12, fuck that, they have both 100million followers and dollars.

No wonder you feel like the guy standing with arms across his face with eyes closed tight as the car is flying towards him, only to open them checking if he’s in heaven or something and wow, a spider’s web has caught the car in mid air.

Then there’s the expectation and hope that the one with the powers will always do the right thing. Superman or Justice league guys for example, can simply declare themselves the kings of the world and spend their time drinking and fucking like the vampires of TruBlood. The reality version of this desperate plea are all the chants for the rich should pay their fair share of taxes as if cretins like Bernie Sanders have some magical powers of their own at figuring this out. Then there’s Corporate Social Responsibility, whatever that is.

In conclusion now I think it’s time to move to fiction reading for a while. The Stand by Stephen King is loaded on the Kindle and Chapter 2 is where I am at. Pretty amazing how I just need to deliberately slow down my reading speed with fiction, giving enough time for my cerebral cortex to draw the scene out.

Now get the fuck outta here and grab some Stephen King, Dan Carlin or something.