Christian Tricks Or Tricked Christians?

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This started with the Modi vs Rahul debate (people are still having those!) on a guy’s wall who wrote the following status update: 

Like always it took the turn to the communal vs secular land and someone said the following:

Now the comment in the above screenshot is actually true, there’s a sect of christianity by the name jehovah’s witnesses out on the streets of Mumbai armed with the-only-book-they’ve-read (bible!) to stop you and tell you about the world coming to an end, how you can be prepared for the same if you follow their favourite-and-the-only-book-they’ve-ever-read which has all the answers. These morons are also known to reject blood transfusions because god says so. But all that aside.

Since these people stop almost anybody right busy roads they mostly come across Hindus (putting marathis, punjabis all under one umbrella) because of course that’s the majority in Mumbai. And it’s natural that if you are a believer in a certain faith you would get upset on some random guy shoving his book in your face and telling you that’s the real thing and not the one you’ve been into (now the fact that all are equally and absolutely wrong is for a different post). So kapadia getting upset and making the above comment was totally legit. 

What’s interesting are the christian responses to it. Take a look:

It has always been a disturbing fact that there young people on this planet with 24/7 internet connection, who can read english, are decently smart people mostly graduate level educated and still actually fucking believe in a GOD! I mean all this information literally at your fingers and you still get up on sundays (or as per your day) to pray. Fine. 

Institutionalized religions especially monotheistic ones have some “chosen ones” (priests and nuns!) some among them running massive conversion campaigns in third world countries like India. While its bad enough that people believe in a god, it’s an absolute fucking disaster that they can’t even call on the BS that is being fed to them by these “chosen ones”. 

Any person of average intelligence must agree that stopping people on the road and promoting your religion (while simultaneously degrading theirs) with the sole intent of getting them to convert to it is beyond ridiculous.

I expected at least one christian to come along in the comment thread and say: “Yes that’s wrong, tell them to fuck off!” but you have the picture above. So are these young people so brainwashed? Instead of staying on the topic and coming up with one rational thought and making a point or even just saying they don’t want to talk about it and moving on they go on with “Jesus will bless and forgive you” and “you’ll know one day” the latter one is an outright threat, which translates to: The devil’s going to peel off your skin in hell.

Here’s how they would play, given a harder set of questions:

Q:The bible says the world is 6000 years old (right after the wheel was invented..!) that’s absolute rubbish you know right?
Ans: you know not what you say, jesus will bless and forgive you!!

Q:Jesus was probably a normal man with some really good thoughts and ideas and later the miracles got added to his life story and the whole myth came in to being, like the books on Shiva have come out—The immortals of mehua. The theory is “” what do you think about that?
Ans: yes please say what you want, jesus will bless and forgive you!!

Q:How can they claim the bible to be true? No body has any proof anyway, miracles? seriously?!
Ans: you don’t get it now, one day you will (in hell? wow so forgiving of you!).

Makes me wonder if these are just christian tricks to avoid arguments (because they have none) or tricked christians so brainwashed with dogma that there’s no point of return. And sadly and unfortunately it seems the latter.