A quick one for the wimmeen

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Let’s start by calling it what it really is, shall we? And with the all the lying politicians and businessmen and of course business women, it’s easy to miss the reality so let’s see it once more so we really understand what this day and the empowerment is all about. This one sums modern femninisty women [...]

How Women Are — Case Study #1

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A friend of a friend, lets call him Rocky is(was?) dating Priya. Now Priya was highly overweight when they met and Rocky is somewhat of an Natural-circumstantial-Alpha. I say somewhat because he's not fully acquired that mindset yet, and circumstantial because being born in a poor family pushed him out to see some fucking horrible circumstances, [...]

Feminism’s war against men

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Penile guiltSo these four Indian men have admitted to be ashamed of having a penis. Chang even wishes he was a woman! They are apologising to the feminine for the all the rapes and patriachy by men, thus taking the notion of collective guilt to new heights. But hold on aren't these the same people who [...]

Hating Ideas

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if the majority could have its wayPeople are scared of ideas and I mean have serious contempt for them, of course when you bring up something complex like politics, religion, marriage they will join the conversation and act like being really interested in the discussion which if you really notice is just an impulse to give [...]

Consciousness > Introversion and Extroversion

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A few years back that someone told me "we're both INTPs" on whatsapp. Now it's always fun to hear someone's idea about yourself, isn't it? And there I was on an internet spiral, the next half hour was then spent reading all about INTPs, the myers-briggs test and the 16 or so personality types myers-briggs identifies. [...]

Automatic Respect

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Respect must be earned, not given.Your elder brother - bhaiya, sister - didi, the brother's wife is bhabhi and they all have to be addressed as "aap". This is so engrained in the Indian culture that there's probably a term for all these relations in most Indian languages as well. It doesn't just end with terms, [...]