The Carbon Rods of Monogamy

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Civilization is all about men. Or we can ask the randian question “Who moves the world?”—MEN, if you have any other answer then go review what you have been fed. We can play, act and do whatever it is we are doing as a global 21st century society these days to push for women empowerment and whatnot, [...]

Social Media — This Civilization’s Pulse

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Social media is a nice window into people’s heads now. And by extension inside the current culture. Then there’s phenomena like selfies and just when I thought it can’t get any fucking worse the following kind came up; So you’re sitting there at the restaurant table with minimum two other people, going over the menu to [...]

A quick one for the wimmeen

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Let’s start by calling it what it really is, shall we? And with the all the lying politicians and businessmen and of course business women, it’s easy to miss the reality so let’s see it once more so we really understand what this day and the empowerment is all about. This one sums modern femninisty women [...]

Psychological clean up

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I got the idea for this post while cleaning my two small cupboards yesterday. This is how it looked.I'm sure you have done this at some point and been shocked and surprised by how much useless stuff lying in there untouched, things which you had forgotten even existed, some so outdated and good for nothing (I [...]