An Indian’s Guide to Empathy

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  It seems everything I think and gravitate towards has something to do with my country of birth, India. I have never thought of myself has a "die for your country" patriot, in fact I believe death in all it's forms is so boring and hope that like Kurzweil reports, immortality would be soon be available, [...]

Thoughts on Rajesh Jain’s(RJ) Free A Billion(FAB)

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Check their website here. The first thing you notice about FAB’s members or their “core operations” team (I think ) is how liberal they all look. A lot more like congress voters all of them than the right wing BJP’s and defnitely not DJT supporters. LOL! And xavierites all(or most) of them. That college in churchgate [...]

Mumbai BMC Election and Ward K-EAST

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Jogeshwari is a poor area in Mumbai. There are huge sqauthes of chawls everywhere. A lot of poor immigrants from all over India choose this tiny town to live in Mumbai for the affordable unlivable housing. The main road connecting the railway station is a literal fucking “sea of people” any day till around 11PM. The [...]