Destroying The World to Stop Criminals — Part1

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Tacitus said this about the ancient superpower Roman Empire. This quote doesn't straight fit into the context of this post, but the core principal idea fits. Indians as a people always support government expansion of power in favor of "stopping criminals".  The obsession goes so deep that the end result is much like what Tacitus talks [...]

The Side of Effects of Getting Good at “Game”

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In a world in which every dumb 20 yr old female's tinder bio has that she's a sapiosexual, a writer, blogger, co-founder (perhaps having finaaaaly found her clit with the low IQ bad boy she's fucking?), something equally disturbing is happening to the side with dicks — young men who through embarrassment, rejection and putting in [...]

Fiction, Non-Fiction and Superheroes

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Since I moved out of third world India and to this ruled by religion police state, which I call the great Arabia, I have pretty much stopped reading. Except for PDFs and technical links and emails, I have stopped reading all the things I love. I do get in some reading done on blogs though. The [...]

There’s A Boredom to Life

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It’s 22:47 on the weekend and as I am writing—I am bored. You can’t escape it, it’s just fucking there. Like time. Whether you are eating, sleeping or fucking, time is always there isn’t it. I think boredom is just like that. On weekdays I come home from work, sometimes by 2PM, sometimes by 5, I [...]

India Needs a New Patriotism

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Patriotism needs to be downsized from its current size. It’s damn too big to be defined and even bigger and harder to put into practice. It expects you to love a country a million sq miles wide while the feeling and emotions of patriotism are probably coming from your local expereience of smoking pot at the [...]

The Cheating Woman

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Guys have a weird way of dealing with infidelity. They act like they are the supreme court, trying to figure out every bit and piece in the case and then reach a final verdict as if the entire nation’s future depends on their monogamous relationship working out. When the woman is out they call her repeatedly [...]

A Pang of Nostalgia and Apprehension

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  Chateau writes: Don’t be surprised if a pang of nostalgia and apprehension arrests you. The future of your nation and your people is dying before your eyes in a swirl of solipsism and baby substitutes. I am a big fan of his writing style. And I do feel a pang of nosta lgia and apprehension [...]

Don’t hate the politicans, HATE THE GOVERNMENT

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Om Puri died some days back. To remember him, IndiaTV was replaying his appearance on the Rajat Sharma show AAP KI ADALAT. There the actor did what we all do every fucking day of our lives—abused the politicians. He basically called them the lying little degenerates that they usually are. All good. The people were very [...]