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Destroying The World to Stop Criminals — Part1

Tacitus said this about the ancient superpower Roman Empire. This quote doesn't straight fit into the context of this post, but the core principal idea fits. Indians as a people always support government expansion of power in favor of "stopping criminals".  The obsession goes so deep that the end result is much like what Tacitus talks about but in a [...]

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The Side of Effects of Getting Good at “Game”

In a world in which every dumb 20 yr old female's tinder bio has that she's a sapiosexual, a writer, blogger, co-founder (perhaps having finaaaaly found her clit with the low IQ bad boy she's fucking?), something equally disturbing is happening to the side with dicks — young men who through embarrassment, rejection and putting in 3 hours of sarging [...]

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Fiction, Non-Fiction and Superheroes

Since I moved out of third world India and to this ruled by religion police state, which I call the great Arabia, I have pretty much stopped reading. Except for PDFs and technical links and emails, I have stopped reading all the things I love. I do get in some reading done on blogs though. The real reading which took [...]

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There’s A Boredom to Life

It’s 22:47 on the weekend and as I am writing—I am bored. You can’t escape it, it’s just fucking there. Like time. Whether you are eating, sleeping or fucking, time is always there isn’t it. I think boredom is just like that. On weekdays I come home from work, sometimes by 2PM, sometimes by 5, I live alone and I [...]

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What’s New About Rajesh Jain’s NayiDisha

I wrote about his free a billion(FAB) here before. That was a wreck, as mentioned in that post, most people there wouldn't be able to define capitalism at a gunpoint, let alone defend it. It simply turned into an NGO sort of thing people are told to do "for the experience" at the stupid age of 18-20. And chicks just [...]

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I'M BACK HOW YOU FUCKING DOING!! The last post here at AA was on 6th sept 2017. Lot of changes have happened since then and boy is my head spinning. I have finally left the third world socialist rotten land of my birth we today call India and moved out, it’s not to the west yet but somewhere in between, [...]

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